Get Started With Uncover Marketing’s Infamous Quick-Start Case Studies

Discover the new cutting edge digital marketing strategies to generate unlimited, highly targeted traffic for your business. The rules of the game have changed when it comes to getting traffic and acquiring customers. While old traffic strategies like blogging and search engine optimization are less effective, there has never been a time in history where getting high volumes of targeted traffic was any easier and less expensive – if you know how!

Remember the times where you could get clicks for pennies on Google AdWords? Remember the times where you could put up a website and were at the top of Google’s search results? Remember when blogging actually worked? Remember the good old times?

They’re back!

But only if you know how to use new technology like Facebook’s revolutionary advertisement platform the right way, how to get penny clicks from Twitter ads or how to leverage the newest content marketing strategies that actually work. You’re about to discover all of these new traffic getting strategies and more in our traffic getting series starting today.

Case Study 1: How to Get a CPC of $0.03 with Paid Facebook Ads

Have you ever put up an ad on Facebook just to find out that the cost per click was between $0.30-$2.00? Did you also find that when you send a couple hundred visitors to a landing page you barely get any conversions? You’re not alone! In this case study you’ll see how I got our cost per click as low as $0.01-$0.03 by using Facebook’s advertisement platform.

Case Study 2: How to Grow a Blog to 3,000 Daily Views Within 6 Months

Do you have a blog or website but get under 100 visitors a day? Or even under 10 visitors a day? Everyone and their brother is giving the same advice: “Just start blogging to get traffic and attract new customers”. But the rules of the game have changed.

I hate to admit it but: Blogging is dead.

While having a blog used to be a lucrative traffic getting strategy, it simply doesn’t work anymore unless you’re super lucky. But there’s a new content marketing strategy that works better than blogging ever did – and yet barely anyone is using it. Join me on this case study where I show you how I grew a blog from Zero views to 3,000 daily views within 6 months.

Case Study 3: How to Get Targeted Traffic That Converts at a Cost per Lead of $0.56

If you think you have a traffic problem, you’re wrong! There’s traffic like sand at the beach and you can get it on sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube in almost unlimited quantities. However, if your traffic doesn’t convert then it’s a waste of time and money. The key to a winning traffic strategy is to pay for traffic that converts. In fact, let me put it this way:

You don’t have a traffic problem, you have a conversion problem.

Did you ever send a couple hundred or thousand visitors from an ad to your landing page but got barely any conversions? Does it seem like no matter how good your landing page is, your conversion rates are still low? Is traffic an expense for you rather than an investment? Then it’s time to change that. Join me on this case study and see how I get highly targeted and qualified traffic from Facebook that converts at a cost per lead of $0.56.

Case Study 4: How I Got 4,023,354 Views on YouTube and Generated 10,379 Qualified Leads for Free

Are you just starting out and have no sufficient budget to spend on ads? Of you just don’t like the Facebook advertisement platform? Do you want to expand and grow your traffic sources? Targeted traffic doesn’t always have to cost you something.

In this final case study I’ll show you how I got 4,023,354 views on YouTube and generated 10,379 highly qualified leads as a result of it – and built a successful business just from free traffic alone. If you’re a small business and aren’t harnessing the power of YouTube yet, you’re leaving massive amounts free traffic, leads and money on the table.