Optin Monster Review: How to Build Your List with WordPress

Optin Monster Review

Today I’m going to be talking about a cool little opt-in plug-in that I recently discovered. So, as you guys know, I play around with a lot of different lead generation strategies. I try a lot of different methods and I like to test various plug-ins and various software.

So, recently I tried a software called Optin Monster. And today I’m giving my first official Optin Monster review. It’s quite an old software and it’s basically a WordPress plug-in. Well, it used to be a WordPress plug-in but they have now upgraded to a third party software which works on WordPress or any other website.

This software wasn’t really that good in the past. I used it about a year ago and at that time, it really sucked. You couldn’t customize anything and it was a pretty bad software, to be honest. But one year later, I happened to check it out again because someone recommended it to me. And I realized that the plug-in is absolutely amazing.

How does the plugin work?

So, what you can basically do with the plug-in is: you can retarget the traffic on your own website. This is known as on-site retargeting. What this means is that when someone visits your website and then they leave, you can show them an opt-in form.

This is called exit-intent technology.

So when someone is about to leave your website and their mouse cursor goes to the top of your website, Bam! Your opt-in form shows up right in their face and you can make them an offer before they leave and that is really cool, in my opinion.

But hold on, it does not end there! Optin Monster also has welcome gate and they use a really cool technology which is not a redirect. Usually, a welcome gate works as a redirect.

So, let me quickly explain this.

The welcome gate is a web page that gets shown to the user before they can enter your website. They might want to browse the site or read a certain article or blog or any other page.

So, for example, someone gets a link to an article from Google. If they want to read the article, they have to go through the welcome gate before they can access the website or blog or article or whatever page they want to visit. And on this welcome gate, you make them an offer which is usually a lead generation offer and it works really well.

But the point is, it works as a redirect usually and it has its own set of disadvantages.

How is Optin Monster different from the rest?

Optin Monster has a new technology where they do not redirect the user but instead they have a full page opt-in overlay. So, instead of redirecting the visitors to a completely new page, which is bad for Google, which is bad for search engine optimization and not to mention a bit aggressive, the visitors can simply check out the full page overlay. I used to use this a lot in the past, and you could say that I’m a fan of this but I like this full page welcome gate overlay more.

Optin Full Page Example

Instead of being redirected, your visitors will see a full page overlay which you can make transparent or full colour mode as you wish. I’ll blend in some examples so you know what exactly I’m talking about.

Basically, the idea is you can make people an offer and they can either opt in or they can skip the offer. And you can use this offer, this welcome gate, when people enter your website or when they leave your website. So you can also use an exit gate, which is a really cool and useful addition to this entire process.

Personally, I really like that idea. There are so many advantages over the welcome gates that use the technology of redirection. Every time someone leaves your website, Bam! You can show them a full page overlay opt in and it’s like right in your face. And a very crucial aspect of this is that it is something no one else is using right now.

I’m sharing this quick little tip with you guys because I found it really cool and innovative. You can check it out and try it. I believe you need the premium plan in order to use this welcome gate overlay technology in your website.

But I would say that it’s very cool and hence, completely worth it. In fact, I’m using it right now on my blog, uncovermarketing.com, and I just wanted to share this with you guys.

So I really hope that you guys try out and have fun with this amazing software. Remember, never stop playing around with different plug-ins. You might discover something as great as this or maybe something even better. Peace!

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