How to Build Relationships with Clients

How to Build Relationships with Clients

Today I am going to talk about how to build relationships with clients using online marketing. A lot of people who are trying to build a business or start out with online marketing, have an idea that they want to send all their traffic directly to a sales page and hope to make their sales that way. However, what usually ends up happening is that people get frustrated because they ultimately make no sales and don’t get a positive ROI (Return on Investment).

This is what happens when you use this strategy. You send hundreds of people to your sales page from Facebook or from wherever you buy your traffic and no one buys anything! Although you have an amazing product or an amazing offer or even awesome sales copy, you don’t get any buyers. You might get one buyer out of hundreds and that too only if you’re lucky!

Allow People to Trust You

Obviously, that is not really good for your business. What you want to do is first build a relationship with those people. If you send cold traffic to your landing page or your sales page, nobody buys anything because these people don’t know your business.

They don’t trust you and they probably assume that you’re a scammer.

Most things on the internet are scams anyway so you can hardly blame them. Therefore, if you try to sell to people before building a relationship with them, then in most cases you are going to fail.

People buy from people they trust. People will be willing to give you money but only if they trust you. If you simply put up a sales page on the internet and people are directed to it, why should they buy from you? They don’t know who you are. They don’t trust you. All your testimonials could be fake. You might turn out to be a scammer for all they know!

People are just very cautious about what they buy on the internet and with good reason. Hence, you need to be very careful and intelligent while going about your business and you need to first build a relationship with your customers.

That is why the best practice in online marketing is to send people to an opt-in page.

Let’s assume that you have a sales page and you want to add a lead capture page before that. Now you’re sending people from Facebook to your squeeze page or opt-in page and on this page you offer people some free gift (maybe an e-book or a checklist or a blueprint or a free report– anything free) in return for an email address. You can also try to advertise your free newsletter, but in most cases you won’t be able to do that too well. Basically the idea is to get their contact details, usually name and email, so that you can follow up with them. Now you have got them on your mailing list and you can slowly start building a relationship with those people.

Using “Results in Advance”

You can do a number of things for these potential customers. You can send them awesome tips, you can help them and provide them results in advance. Results in advance is a huge concept which I learnt from Frank Kern. Basically, you want to prove to people that you can help them before they ever give you money and the way you do that is by providing them with results in advance. Give away some of your best stuff to the people on your mailing list that you know will help them experience tremendous positive changes.

They’ll realize that your tips work for them. After that when you make them a paid offer, they’ll already have this referenced experience. They’ll have the proof that your stuff works and that you are not scamming them and selling them trash.

Results in advance, as you can see, is huge. Therefore, build your mailing list at all times and never send your traffic directly to your sales page. Build your list and build a long term relationship with the people on that list. Provide results in advance in the form of newsletters, free gifts, free videos or links to great blog posts. You need to be very genuine and helpful. Take care to not fake this attempt. You really need to provide tremendous value to these people; especially these days since everybody has a newsletter.

Ten years ago, maybe you could get away with being half cool but nowadays it is absolutely necessary for you to be amazingly cool to the people on your list.

Remember, you cannot fake this. You cannot treat your subscribers like a bunch of numbers. You have to treat them as human beings and you need to genuinely want to help them. If you manage to do that, people will love your content and they’ll slowly get warmed up. They will get to know you through various forms of communication– through videos, emails, blogs or just plain text emails. They start to get to know you like you’re a friend and they start to trust you. They start to use some of your tips and see first results and they slowly warm up. From a cold prospect who doesn’t know you and doesn’t care about your business, these people turn into someone who’s a hardcore fan of you and your business and someone who genuinely trusts you.

Create A Warm List First

After that is done, when you send your warm traffic and the people who trust you to your sales page, the chances of them buying your stuff is gazillion times higher. Thus, you always want to add this additional step in the process. Don’t be an unintelligent marketer. People who are inexperienced send their traffic directly to their sales page and it just doesn’t work, especially in today’s economy. So, be smart, add that extra step, build a long term genuine relationship with your subscribers and selling will become a lot easier.

It’s really easy to sell to your friends or to someone who loves your stuff. It is easy to sell to a hardcore fan. You have got to create as many hardcore fans as you can because that way, you can sell more stuff and help more people. Your business will grow, you can make a bigger impact on people’s lives and life in general, will be great.

There are a few exceptions though where you can send people directly from Facebook or Google to your sales page depending on your market. If your market isn’t over-saturated and you don’t have many competitors, then you could probably pull it off. I’m not saying it’s impossible but most markets are just saturated and have a lot of competition and people are swamped with different offers and products. In those cases, you can’t get away with sending your customers to your sales page directly because they want to get to know you first.

If you are in a market that doesn’t have a lot of competition and isn’t very saturated with a tremendous need that is to be served, then you can go ahead and try sending people directly to your sales page and get good conversions and results. I’d say that it really depends on your niche. You can test both methods but I can tell you that in most cases, you’ve got to build that list and build a relationship. The money is not in the list, it is in the relationship with the list.

So, if you do anything in your business, always be sure to build a list and a great relationship with your list. You’ll see how easy it can become to sell stuff and it’ll all be in a cool way instead of a pushy way. You’ll make more money, your customers will get better results and everyone will be left happy. I hope this article helped you and I’ll talk to you guys soon.

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