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How to Build Relationships with Clients

How to Build Relationships with Clients

Today I am going to talk about how to build relationships with clients using online marketing. A lot of people who are trying to build a business or start out with online marketing, have an idea that they want to send all their traffic directly to a sales page and hope to make their sales that way. However, what usually ends up happening is that...

Why Is Marketing Important To A Business?

Why is marketing important to a business

Today I’m going answer a simple question: Why is marketing important to a business? Sometimes people come up to me and ask me to build a sales funnel from scratch. They feel that if I build them a sales funnel, all their problems will be solved and they will have a magical business that works on autopilot and makes them rich immediately. My...

How To Write A $17,436 Sales Letter

How to Write a Sales Letter

The following article is a guest post by Chris Chia, my in-house copywriter of Uncover Marketing, who wrote the sales copy for our recent $17,436 in 34 hours launch. Here are the main points of the article for those who don’t have the time to read all of it: Know your market inside out. If you do the dirty work to understand your market, when...