My name is Till Boadella and I help business owners and Entrepreneurs grow their business with online marketing, online advertising and direct response marketing strategies.

The purpose of this blog is to share digital marketing strategies that work right now. Unlike some other marketing blogs, I’m not a researcher or journalist. I’ve got my “elbows in the mud”, so to speak. That means: No abstract theory, no beating around the bush and no fluff talk.

It’s my mission to uncover what works in the world of internet marketing right now, not what worked 5 or even 10 years ago. And I try to do all that as transparently as possible.

May the personal stories, case studies, anecdotes, examples and test results that I share on this blog help you build the business you’ve always wanted. It’s my hope that digital marketing will do the same for your life that it has done for my life. And as long as you take action and implement the strategies that I talk about on this blog, I know it will happen.

No matter if you’re a rookie Entrepreneur or a 7-figure business owner.

Let’s not rest on our laurels but instead keep igniting our curiosity for marketing. Let’s not get comfortable. Let’s not assume anything. Let’s uncover the world of marketing day by day, with the open-mindeness of a 5-year old child and the work-ethic of a seasoned warrior.

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